Savvy Area Sheriff Path Associated Friday night declared Leather treater Lynn Horner, 31, of Lake Worth has been captured and accused of capital homicide and disturbed hijacking on account of the missing 7-year-old Cottondale inhabitant Athena Strand.

Horner is being held in the Astute Area Prison with bond set at $1.5 million, as per the sheriff.


Associated said utilizing data given by Horner, who the sheriff expressed admitted to the wrongdoing, agents had the option to find Strand’s body around 7 p.m. Friday off a province street southeast of Boyd, around six miles from the Cottondale people group where she was most recently seen Wednesday night. Her body has been shipped off the Dallas Area Clinical Inspector’s Office to decide reason for death.

“Right off the bat in the examination we knew a FedEx driver made a conveyance before the house about a similar opportunity Athena came up missing. With proceeded with great work by this insightful group, they had the option to confirm that the driver stole Athena, and from an insightful stance, both carefully and through past meetings, we think Athena kicked the bucket just in no less than an hour or so after her takeoff from her home,” Associated said.

Horner was portrayed as an agreement driver for the organization.

The sheriff credited crafted by a few divisions, including the sheriff’s office, Government Agency of Examination, Texas Officers, Texas Branch of Public Security and others as well as residents who gave tips to achieving a goal to the case.

“It was a great undertaking, and in light of the collaboration, all cooperating we had the option to find solutions. A portion of the responses were not the responses we trusted we would have gotten,” he said, giving his sympathies to Strand’s loved ones.

Associated said it seems Horner isn’t connected with the family nor does he know the family. He declined to remark on the particulars of the admission, including why Horner would carry out the supposed wrongdoing.

Associated has addressed the family “significantly” throughout recent days, and he said the family values the consideration and backing they’ve gotten during this trying time.

“They are crushed, they are irate in light of what occurred,” he said. “A valuable kid was taken from their lives. … We give them our sympathies, yet we likewise need to give them the protection they need and give them space, the family in Oklahoma as well as the family here in Cottondale. We should give them a brief period. How about we invest some energy and appeal to God for these people so they may be feeling better of a portion of the aggravation. It will be a troublesome few days, a few restless evenings, and they need our help.”

For two days, various policing, people on call and resident workers looked through the family’s six-section of land property in the 200 block of Area Street 3573 searching for any hint of Strand. Associated expressed before in the day Friday that the examination concerning the vanishing was presently taking need over the hunt.

Apparently promptly after that explanation, data was fostered that drove them to Horner and in the end to the recuperation of Strand’s body.

During his public interview prior Friday evening, Associated said Strand was seen getting off the school transport around 4:15 p.m. Wednesday and went inside her home. The sheriff’s office got a call around 6:40 p.m. Wednesday from Strand’s stepmother who said the young lady was absent.

“The principal data we had, and may in any case be precise, is the stepmother and girl had a contention, Athena moved upset and she left as she had done previously and they anticipated that she should return, yet she didn’t,” Associated said.

A Golden Caution for Strand was given Thursday evening.

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